County Property Taxes – Their 6 Uses

County property taxes are often the highest among the taxes and that we surely dislike paying. This bill gives you good shock at times. This is because these taxes are indeed soaring high these days. However, they greatly vary as per the area you reside in and the state you live in.

I’m sure you wonder as to what is the need of this tax? Why do we pay it? Where is this money utilized?

Well, you would be glad to realize that a major portion of these taxes are stay right with in our local communities especially for our benefit. This money is diversified in fields like education, police & firefighting facilities, etc.

While some local city & county property taxes are given to the state, in almost all areas at least 90% property taxes paid by us remain local benefiting our community at large. Even in the state revenues, they just form a meager portion.

Given below are the most common uses of the county property taxes.

1. Schools

In a majority of areas across the nation, more than half of each Dollar paid as the County Property Tax is used to fund the local school district. In fact, this is the most important source of income for the local school districts in a number of states. These schools use the tax money to purchase books, to pay the salary of the staff & the teachers, for the maintenance of the school buildings & buses, etc.

2. Roads

The money paid as County Property tax is extensively used for the maintenance of roads. All sorts of minor repairs and other requisites like widening of the roads are taken care of in order to maintain the good working order.

3. Police and Fire Support

The city & county property taxes are also used as funds to pay the salaries of our sheriff. Also, in most cases, our local police officers and firefighters use this money to support the necessary infrastructure required for these services like the buildings and vehicles.

4. Public Libraries

It is a less known fact that libraries most oft are maintained by the county. Hence, the county property taxes are used primary funds for the building maintenance & staff salaries. Then of course, it is this money paid by the tax payers that is used to purchase new books for the library.

5. Hospitals

At times Government operated hospitals have to be closed due to losses. But it is always in the interest of the community to have a hospital close by in the vicinity itself. So the tax payers have to bare a certain amount for this facility. Some part of the county property tax that we pay goes to the hospitals that run in to losses in order to keep them afloat.

6. County Government

And, among the essential uses, county property tax funds the local county government. They use this money for the upkeep of the office space and to pay administrative salaries.

Now, the next time you use the community services, remember that it’s your money being used. It’s your civic duty to watch how each Dollar is being spent. Check the unnecessary spending. And, always remember that county property tax is the only tax that benefits you most individually.